Meet Alexus



I have a passion for helping people become their best selves. I like to see people in my community thrive and knock out every single goal that they want. I started repairing my own credit in 2015. I have boosted my own score over 200 points (no honestly) I worked my butt off. I started to help some of my peers around me with their credit free of charge and one day I thought to myself this is what I like to do and I am going into business because it doesn't seem like work to me. 

My background: I have an Associate of Arts degree and currently pursuing my Bachelor in Health and Human Services. This is where I get my professionalism, knowledge, and self-motivation from. I work hard to get my clients the results that they want and need I hope to see Credit for Success on a billboard one day. I thank every last one of my clients. Without you all, there would be no me!