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DIY Medical Collection HIPPA System [Letter 2]

DIY Medical Collection HIPPA System [Letter 2]

Our DIY medicall letters requires both HIPPA LETTER 1 and the HIPPA LETTER 2 to be successful (you must purchase both) because one is for the credit bureaus (letter 1) and the other is for the collection agency (letter 2). Only use one medical bill per letter unless you have multiple medical bills under one collection agency. Make sure you follow up if your first round isn't successful. Please allow 30-45 days for a response for both the credit bureaus and the collection agency. If no response after 45 days send a followup letter. Please contact custumer service if you have questions:

  • Copywrite

    This letter was prepared by Credit for Success., L.L.C. Please do not use for personal sale or give this letter to anyone because it is for the sole pupose of your benefit on a individual level. 

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