How It Works?

Step By Step Guide To Perfect Credit!

Pull all 3 credit reports!

To become a client you MUST be willing to access your credit reports from all 3 credit bureaus. You can get your credit reports from for FREE. Usually, it is one per year for each credit bureau but because of the current pandemic, you can get each for free once a week. (For the best results, use a desktop computer to be able to download and save). Another alternative would be You MUST have a paid plan for us to access all 3 of your credit reports. Before booking a personal credit consultation, PLEASE email all 3 of your credit reports or your login information to access it. Send all information to OR create an account and upload your documents HERE!

Book your 30-minute consultation.

Book 30 min consultation for a nonrefundable fee of $50 which will not go toward services. This fee is for consultation only. During consultation, I will go over your goals and things that you need removed. I will go over everything on your credit report. I will suggest what services I offer for your unique situation. Ultimately, the decision is always yours.

Purchase the correct service for your goals!

We offer an array of products and services to suit the needs of your credit repair. To purchase your product please click HERE!

Email all required documentation for verification purposes. I will need a clear and legible copy of your driver’s license or identification. (it must be valid). I will also need either a utility bill with the correct address (gas, water, cable, phone bill), pay stub, W2 form, rental lease, mortgage statement, or bank statement as the 2nd document to verify you. If you do not send us the items we need for verification purposes within two weeks unless otherwise stated we will not be able to continue services for you. (Again, all documentation must be legible). For uploads, please create and sign in to your new account HERE!

  • Please bring your patience, patience, and more patience 

  • Most people see results within 30-45 days 

  • Do not open/apply for any major lines of credit 

  • Do not agree to anything with a debt collector unless they put it in writing for you 

  • Avoid talking to debt collectors over the phone (they should only communicate with you through the mail) 

  • Control your credit utilization (try keeping debt under 30%) 

  • Make all payments on time!

  • Having a good payment history is critical to maintaining healthy credit accounts

  • Any correspondence that is received it is your responsibility to email a copy of it to us. It has to be clear to read and on a solid surface. When you receive correspondence it is vital that you send right away to us by email. Please put your first and last name in subject line. Only contact by email or using our portal when it is regarding credit repair. Please do not text documents. 

Upload or email all *required documentation to
During the credit process...