Become A New Client!!

Please Read Terms and Conditions Before Becoming A Client

To become a new client you must be willing to pay a one time consulting fee of $199 and $50 monthly following your credit audit which includes a full credit audit of all 3 credit reports from Experian, TransUnion and Equifax. You must be willing to do your part as a client which is turning in your documents that you recieve in a timely matter. You must be willing to sign up with on a paid subscription so that we are able to monitor during your credit journey. You must submit a unexpired drivers license or state ID and a current piece of mail that matches your drivers license or state ID. You must be willing to email all documents to not through text on our business line as that is used for inquires and questions only. Your $50 monthly fee will begin 30 days from your consultation day and thereafter unless you cancel services which can be done at your disgression anytime after 30 days. We do not offer refunds or partial refunds. We also no longer offer credit restoration payments in advance.  This option is good for individuals and businesses looking to obtain credit. If monthly payment is not recieved on due date Credit for Success LLC, has rights to cease all services.