What Is Credit Repair?

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What Is Credit Repair

Credit repair simply means to repair or build your credit. Having no credit is just like having bad credit and in that case, we would help build your credit. It is no overnight task. Think about it "did it take you one day to mess up your credit?" Going through the credit repair process is timely so please bring your patience! Most people see results within 30-45 days. However, I work with clients for 90 days and sometimes longer in unique situations

5 reasons to get your credit repaired

  • Save money on interest- Repairing your credit would allow you to get more competitive interest rates and cut back on the money you pay in interest. ( IE. credit cards, car loans, insurance rates, etc)

  • Buy a new house- Many banks will not lend you a mortgage until you have repaired your credit.

  • Stop paying high-security deposits-Utility services and phone companies check your credit and improving your score prevents you from lower deposits or no deposits at all.

  • Rent an apartment/house- Many landlords check your credit now to determine the likelihood you would be late or not pay

  • Feel better about your credit score- You have to start somewhere!